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Author:  jesse w mcpherson
E-mail:  mjplumb1@aol.com
Date:  3/8/2004 7:24:14 PM
Subject:  Re: memories
Message:  I was dean`s apprentice for three years in the early 70`s. Dean was proud of both your boy`s
and talked about them constantly. every time
mickey would come out with a new album I would
get it I still have four of his early albums and
my favorite is I came to hear the music
with Mickey in a beard and him with his wife and baby on the other side.
Dean was also proud of your other son who had the clothing store by their house.
I`ll let you go for now but finding your
website brought back fond memories of houston
where I found my wife of 30 years and of Dean
who I admired dearly.

 memories by jesse w mcpherson  at 3/7/2004 1:15:38 PM
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