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Author:  andrew p
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Date:  9/30/2009 1:47:50 PM
Subject:  a favor to ask
Message:  As we all know, Libby is helping our Lee out when she can...today she took him out to lunch...Lee wanted steak & taters...LOL
the issue is finances...Libby wants to buy food for Lee to eat at the home (he says ALL he gets at the home he is in, is Mexican food...and he is tired of it already)...and it is also good for Lee to be able to get out with Libby & be able to eat out once in a while...Lee also wants some paper to draw on, pencils, etc...SO...my favor to ask is, if any of us can be of any financial help for Lee, please please do so...you can call Libby and talk to her about this, and get her address to send her your "care package" for Lee...
Libby was against me postings this, but I know that we can all pull together to help out our brother Lee...Libby is doing all she can to help Lee out and make his life a little better for him, but she needs a little help from the Porch Family...
I thank you in advance for your generosity..
please continue to lift Lee up in your thoughts and prayers...

God bless us all.


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