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Author:  SusanW
E-mail:  susanjwilliamson@verizon.net
Date:  3/8/2004 3:41:29 PM
Subject:  Gathering T-shirts
Message:  SEND NO MONEY NOW.......but
WE need to know if you are coming to the gathering so we can get the T-shirt order in. There is a sale with the company we are ordering from right now, so please let Virginia know your size(s) small, medium, large, xlarge (100% cotton). One T-shirt is included with each $30.00 registration package. You may order extra t-shirts for $10.00 apiece. Again, you do not need to send any money now, just get your orders in. If you want a shirt, but can't come to the gathering, go ahead and order, and include your shipping address and we will email you when/where to send payment. We will try to get them mailed to you right before or after the gathering. If you can't come this year, but want to register in support of the gathering effort and have a full packet mailed, we'll do that, too, and set up a way for you to bid by proxy on the auction items, and be elegible for the door prize drawing(s).    I'm going to post the picture of the sample t-shirt with RandyB's beautiful logo design on the Yahoo Alt board, and email it to everyone I have an address for, just to make sure everyone knows. Please email Virginia as soon as possible koko528@hotmail.com
She will send you a confirmation email.
Thank you, SusanW

 Gathering T-shirts by SusanW  at 3/8/2004 3:41:29 PM