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Author:  Jackie
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Date:  3/1/2004 5:02:51 AM
Subject:  Oh...happy day
Message:  I feel so happy today! First some lovely CDs arrived from Jörg in Germany (Traveling Wilbury`s are playing now), then a lovely e-mail from someone out there on the porch....then I saw a CD I`ve wanted for a long time at a quarter of the price! Now somebody I love has just sent me a mail to tell me to enjoy myself today and not think about the things I should be doing.
And on top of all that...no aches and pains today!!

And to think that yesterday I felt as if I was at Death`s door.

Hope you all have such a nice day too!

 Oh...happy day by Jackie at 3/1/2004 5:02:51 AM
 Re: Oh...happy day by Texas Granny at 3/1/2004 9:50:20 AM