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Author:  Brian
E-mail:  bjhighley56@btinternet.com
Date:  9/4/2009 4:12:29 PM
Subject:  Re: Check in for Mamie
Message:  Mamie - you were amongst the many wonderful people who made me so welcome at Cottage Grove, Gathering 2000.
Hello - Brian, the Scotsman, re-introducing myself after a prolonged silence. I've not been totally absent, often surveying the various exchanges, eavesdropping on friends! I'm recovering from another period of less good mental health (I suffer from chronic, severe, clinical depression. Ron Lyons showed great empathy when I spoke with him about this some time ago - Ron was a terrific man). I become very introverted and having lost contact I lose all confidence to re-establish it.
Anyway, here goes.
Our summer has been almost monsoon - raining almost non-stop, even on the warmest of days. We holidayed in Scotland this year, revisiting the County of Fife where I lived for my first eighteen years, then travelling to Aberdeenshire where my wife and I lived for the first three years of our, now, 28 years together. Our younger daughter, Abigail enjoyed her first ever trip to Scotland.
Most schools re-open on Monday September 7. Gwyneth works one-to-one with a young boy who has special educational needs and is looking forward to their new term together. Abigail is starting her exam studies this year, focussing on Science and Maths - she wants to be a forensic scientist!
I continue to write and play and listen: music remains a constant help and comfort. I think often of Mickey: the unique kindness he showed in the personal reply he sent to my original piece of 'fan-mail'; the greater kindness still he showed when I visited Oregon, Springfield, his home and his family; the fantastic legacy of all his songs (and all his friends on the porch); his wonderful Mum, you Mamie, who I shall never forget speaking with in Cottage Grove.
I'll try to check in more regularly again. Meantime Mamie, Slàinte Mhath (Gaelic, Good Health!)

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