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Author:  andrew p
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Date:  8/31/2009 4:10:07 PM
Subject:  Re: Check in for Mamie
Message:  Life is good...My youngest son, Jacob, is going to be "toured" to Korea here in a month of so...He is a chef in the US ARMY.
My oldest son, Zac, just moved south of St Louis with his wife & 3 kids...and he still has a band, Captain Pluto...
All is good for Susanna & I...her business (Real Estate) is slowly coming back to life...and I am busy playing music...I have 3 gigs this week, 3 gigs next week, and 3 the week after that...the next week I get a break, only 2 gigs... ~grin~

every day, when we pray...we always say a prayer for our porch family...always...I love and miss all of ya'll (er...'cept maybe Creck & TXr)...(disclaimer: the last sentence was ONLY a joke...it was NOT to be takin' seriously, and no animals were harmed during the writing of the sentence...IT IS ONLY AN ATTEMPT AT HUMOR...A FEEBLE ATTEMPT AT BEST, I KNOW...BUT NONE-THE-LESS, A JOKE.Thank you and please be careful on your way home!...Goodnight!

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