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Author:  Karen Runk
E-mail:  luvnmusc@comcast.net
Date:  8/31/2009 9:13:13 AM
Subject:  Re: Check in for Mamie
Message:  Sorry for being a lurker everyone. Life has a way of taking you to other avenues of activities and interests. Running a house with 3 men and 2 cats takes up a big part, dealing with health issues, a 50th class reunion, connecting with old school mates, and running on emotional curves, all seem to keep me occupied. I sleep well, pray a lot, take Ellis to doctors and deal with him being overmedicated...it is exhausting.

Yesterday, we took a little trip up to Paradise Campground on the McKenzie River, where our daughter, Kerry and her fiance, Jeff are staying. She had grilled burgers, made tater salad, chips and salsa and we enjoyed spending about four hours with them. Ellis seemed more relaxed than I'd seen in a while. It was a great day, walking in the woods, etc. Beautiful camp spot on the river.....Paradise is a good name for it.

Hopefully, this week, I will meet another old friend for lunch. I did meet some other old friends at the class reunion and they invited us to visit them at the beach, where they live. We are looking forward to that.

No big vacations this year...did it all last year. We are going to celebrate our 50th anniv. in November, but we aren't sure how. Don't want a big fuss or party. Maybe everyone meet at a pizza parlor or something like that. "wink".

Love to you, Mamie and all of the rest of the porch family. Life goes on no matter what happens in our lives. God bless you all, especially those who are stressed or hurting. I know that includes some of you out there.

Karen......in Oregon, where the weather is perfect. 80 deg. today

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