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Author:  Meeks
E-mail:  congray@powerc.net
Date:  8/14/2009 7:48:18 AM
Subject:  Re: BIG 40
Message:  Responding to Craig, I recall this story that I experienced. I think I've already posted this do those of you who read it then, you don't have to read it again.

I'm not responsible for theacuracy of what follows.

I was talking to Mickey one day and he had family members visiting. He said one of them took her little girl with her to the post office. The little girl asked about the 'Wanted' posters there. When the Mother explained that the police were looking for them to put them in jail. The little girl said "Why didn't they just put them in jail when they took their pictures?"

I crack up everytime I think about this one.


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