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Author:  Karen
E-mail:  not available
Date:  2/25/2004 8:32:42 PM
Subject:  Sharks!
Message:  Heh HeH heH.... knew that'd grab you!

Just a little addendum to my little fish story (as distinct from BIG fish stories, those mighty ones that got away!).

My sister in Melbourne works with a young guy who was born and bred in this seaside town where Neil and I are staying right now. She told him of my snorkelling with the cute little fish, mentioning that I was in the channel (which connects a HUGE lake with the ocean). My sister said the guy just laughed until he realised she was serious... "You're kidding me!". "No" she said. He then went on and told her that humungus tuna come into that channel and there are sharks, after the tuna. My sister said she will never forget the look on his face as he realised where me and my mate (another 50+ woman) had gone snorkelling. And I thought that net was to stop the dolphins coming in too close!

Now Karen do you still want to hop in my pocket and tag along? It's s s s scary!!!!!!

Cowboy Johnson sounds like a CD I will have to get. Thanks for the tip!

Love to y'all,


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