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Author:  Barbrag
E-mail:  roynnbarb@comcast.net
Date:  8/2/2009 10:12:17 PM
Subject:  Re: Quote of the day - August 2
Message:  THe way I see it ... MacArthur Park....
Doesn't matter to me what it means ... It's
a great musical arrangement (to me) .. borders
on very, very, very soft opera ... and pop at
the same time (for me) .... but, here's my
take on it.

I kind of think Jimmy's talking about his
future in the songwriting business in a part
of the song and, maybe .. just maybe ... he
had to part with the great love of his life
because of the time his "mistress" demanded of
him, "parted pages" being lyrics he hadn't
finished that he felt were stealing the time
he wanted to spend with her .... but, he was
CONSUMED and DRIVEN to write when he wanted to
love at the same time ... to the point of feeling
like a hot iron was imprisoning (striped pair
of pants) him to a greater calling than love.
MacArthur Park is his career that he is trying
to keep from fading, and green icing is the
money he would lose if he failed. He can see
that happening if he does what SHE wants him
to do ... turn away from music to be with her.

The cake? .. A Mickey Newbury kind of line
that he really doesn't want the rest of us to
figure out, as long as he understands it. He
wants to keep a part of it for himself, to never
have to explain.. ??????

Ya'll still with me?    Laughing, I bet. But,
I must continue.

She falls to her knees in a yellow cotton
dress to beg him to stay and forget his "first
love", his music.

"Birds like tender babies" .. ?? Wow. Just a
pretty line.

"There will be another song" ..... he's going
forward with his career, and will wait for
another love who will understand this great need
that lives in his heart and, in the meantime,
his "mistress" will be his love . The music
in his heart will have to be all things to him

"I will taste the wine while it is warm" ..
more about pursuing his music while the iron
is hot, not letting others see him daydreaming
about what might have been

"After all the loves in my life" ...
"YOU'LL" still be the one " ..... Music is that
all consuming love that will keep him warm and
happy ... (in his MIND, at least).

"I will take my life into my hands and I will
use it" .... He's taking charge of his life,
and is choosing to leave her behind, on her
knees, even as she begs him to stay.

"I will win the worship in their eyes" ..."but,
I will lose it"...... He is going to live
for the audience as long as they will have him,
and when he loses them, then and only THEN,
can he take the time to reflect on ....
what might have been ... Then and ONLY then
will he allow himself to wonder if he made the
right choices.

Say whaaaaaaat, Barb?

Well, that's my take on it.


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