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Author:  Doug
E-mail:  not available
Date:  8/2/2009 5:06:56 PM
Subject:  Re: I must be a
"Spring was never waiting for us, girl / it ran
one step ahead / as we followed in the dance /
between the parted pages / and were pressed in
love's hot fevered iron / like a striped pair
of pants"

You may disagree, but those lines, along with
Richard Harris' dramatic string-syrupy version
of the song, have gotten MacArthur Park listed
on a regular basis as one of the "worst songs
ever". Having enjoyed much of Jimmy Webb's work,
I'd like to defend the song, but I can't! For
all the complexity in its arrangment and the
success it has had, I just get queasy listening
to it, as if I'm being forced to eat the whole
cake myself. There was a cover or parody of the
song - referring to drug dealing in the park
the song describes - where they substituted the
word "crack" for "cake". Sorry, Jimmy, and sorry,
Erik, but it's just too many calories for me! :-)

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