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Author:  Texas Granny
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Date:  8/2/2009 10:41:34 AM
Subject:  Re: Quote of the day - August 2
Message:  A lot of lines in poetry and song have to be explained to this country girl. Someone will read a line that moves them to tears or makes them angry and my mind is a total blank. This song was not one of those. My heart understood it at first hearing. It was only when others asked what it meant that I asked myself why I love it so.

"Someone left the cake out in the rain"

I never thought the writer was talking about a cake. It was a relationship that was ruined, like a cake would be if left out in the rain, soggy, melting and disappearing into the ground, totally destroyed.

"I don't think that I can take it"

Pretty simple--It hurts so much I can't stand it.

"'Cause it took so long to bake it"

A lot of time and love had gone into the making of that relationship?

"And I'll never have that recipe again"

This is true of every love relationship we ever had or ever will have, but in this instance I think this is the story of someone's first love. No one ever has that recipe again.

Anyway that is my interpretation. I know a lot of people think that song is sappy. Could that be why it speaks so strongly to me? I can be pretty sappy myself.

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