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Author:  Egbert
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Date:  8/1/2009 8:13:58 AM
Subject:  hey campers...
Message:  ...we are back home!
The French people, food, culture, nature, even the weather were good. (Sorry Chris ;))
Coming home is always a joy; the weeds took over our garden and I found a dangerous and deep hole in a path where I discovered an ancient well.
It seems to be stuffed with bricks and rubble...
Have to see what I can do with it.
Any suggestions are welcome!
In front of the house lays a hugh pile of thatch for a new roof.
Next week they start renewing it.
Ina's vegetable garden is full with onions, garlic, beets, sweet corn, potatoes, the trees hang heavy with apples and she has sowed gabbage that is ready now(some in bloom haha).
Right now she is off to the nabours to deliver them.
Aaah home sweet home...

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