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Author:  Joey "The Sheriff"
E-mail:  not available
Date:  7/31/2009 1:23:08 PM
Subject:  Re: Hey Sheriff Joey
Message:  Thanks, guys, for the kudos. Not gonna tell ya it's easy, or not easy. Thanks to the original, now marked-up "RAP" sheet (provided by KR) which I keep in the front seat of my car AT ALL TIMES (remember, I use the city library pc) I try my darndest not to let one slip by.

Think this is my third year. That's why I have to invent various personas, AKAs, and venues to make/keep the posts as interesting as possible. Hence, The Sheriff, InterPol Joe, the Sheriff of Nothingham, his deputies Dawg, Koala, Doodie, Woody Pegsweller and of course, my deputee-ettes Pistol Dawn and Pipsqueak. Keeps my mind active --- and rather wicked at times.

I've been lucky to use the library every day ('ceptin' Sundays) -- and it's only open 1-5 pm. That's why many posts are a day earlier.

But, I do make mistakes from time to time. After all, I'm only --- "the Sheriff".

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