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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  7/28/2009 1:00:19 PM
Subject:  Sorry... another Karleyism
Message:  Yesterday I went over to Monica's house to keep Karley. Monica said that she didn't want Karley to go swimming in the pool, for a few hours, until it was not so hot. When Monica left, Karley said to me " Pa, I need to tell you something.... We don't really have to listen to her." I was laughing to hard, I couldn't hardly call Monica, quick enough.

Today Monica left out a bathing suit for Karley to go swimming with me , before she left to work with a kid. Karley put on a different one. I didn't notice any difference. When Monica got home and saw the bathing suit still out and not used, she said " What did you go swimming in, with Pa?" Very serious she said
" Water."

I'm going to watch my health more so I can live longer..... this could get fun.


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