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Author:  bob combs
E-mail:  jcombs5@austin.rr.com
Date:  7/27/2009 8:54:28 AM
Subject:  Mickeys music
Message:  Susan, Larry Nevels, a friend of mine here in town is a big fan of Mickeys. He has contact with his old Air Force buddies arond the country and sends out a Monday music review. He has listed Mickeys Trilogy in his top 15 best songs in the categories os both Gospel and Patriotic. I suggested he email you just to give him a sense of the spirit of Mickeys legecy. Mickey and I had many conversations about the lasting value of his work. I always told him he would be appreciated in the future since he eas way ahead of his time in cteativity and talent. I hope you will feel free to answer Larry since his motives are pure and he is a music lover who admires Mickeys talent. Hope you and your family are well. Joyce and I love the little town of Fredericksburg, Texas which is only a few miles from Luckenback {remember} Newburys train songs. Joyce sends her love. Bob

 Mickeys music by bob combs  at 7/27/2009 8:54:28 AM
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