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Author:  Clyde Keene
E-mail:  xmission
Date:  7/21/2009 8:54:30 PM
Subject:  Info.
Message:  I am the person who taped the Tokyo music show in 1972, I taped the session, and passed them on to a Michigen office.

I need their name and address please.

I'm 60% handy cap, I had a guy come today and move some items in my gerage. Mickie's name came up.

Hid name is Bob Austin Jr., he said his dad Bob Austion Sr. (now deceased).

He knows Mickey well, he said he has his owne recordings and is a member of the (I think) rock a billy haul of fame.

Thank you, Mickey is on toe top of my lise of singer/writers.

 Info. by Clyde Keene  at 7/21/2009 8:54:30 PM