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Author:  Jonmark
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Date:  7/11/2009 11:34:21 AM
Subject:  Re: Old 0-18
Very cool Jeff. Congratulations.
Did you get any history with your new/old Martin?

Mickey and I were staying in Hank Cochran's beach house one time. Mickey was already up the first morning I dragged myself into the living room. Right off the bat I noticed a sweet Martin propped up in the corner. I grabbed it, sat down on the couch, and started to play. After a few minutes, Mickey said, "you know, that guitar is nearly a hundred years old".

Wow... all I could think about was how many other hands had coaxed music from her in all that time.
I went so far down that trail of thought that I spooked myself about being the player in that long line who broke her and finally had to carefully put it back in it's place.
Oh the stories she could tell though...

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