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Author:  theloniouscoltrane
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Date:  7/1/2009 3:30:43 PM
Subject:  I had a dream
Message:  I was listening to San Francisco Mabel Joy - the Winter Winds version - and daydreaming about how cool it would have been for Mickey to have written a coda to it. What happened to the two of them?

Then, before I could snap out of the daydream, Poison Red Berries started up. "You know I don't think much about her anymore. Seldom if ever does she cross my mind. Yesterday's gone Lord it's better forgotten. Like the poison red berries to die on the vine." And just for a second, I wondered if that was the coda and I just didn't know it.

I'm sure that I am mistaken, but I wondered if any of you who are more knowledgeable about Newbury's work know if he ever contemplated such a thing.

And please no pounding from purists. I know the song is one of the most perfect ever written just as it stands. If I had written it myself, I would let well enough be alone. It's just an intriguing idea.

 I had a dream by theloniouscoltrane at 7/1/2009 3:30:43 PM
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