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Author:  Craig
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Date:  6/22/2009 5:56:51 PM
Subject:  Re: NEW FAN
     There is already talk of Gathering X. I must admit, although I have only been going to the Gatherings since 2004, this one, along with the first one I went to, are the most memorable. This last one in Gainesville is what Gatherings are all about. It was truly amazing.

     For those of us that aren't able to go, I understand completely. For those of us that rock here and don't go "just because"....well, you are really missing out on a remarkable experience. The songwriters that took the stage this year were remarkable! Don and Karen, Doug and Lynn, Larry and Gale, Laura Shayne, Sam, Jonmark, Leah, Rusty, Cowboy, Ernie, CW, Damien and his friend Mickey...Thank you all! It just kept getting better and better.

Not only that, the times outside of the singing were every bit as enjoyable. As someone once stated, it is a bit anti-climatic once the music starts. Getting with all of our friends is what really makes it!

Afterwards in 155, well, what is there to say? There were some treasured moments. To me, one of the most memorable moments of the past week was when Jonmark and Eric the Dane sang a duet of a Jimmy Webb song. Two of my favorite people on this blue marble. It was truly magic.


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