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Author:  larry larry
E-mail:  larrymoore@cebridge.net
Date:  6/15/2009 7:42:53 PM
Subject:  Gathering
Message:  I'm excited.   It won't be the same without thosel that have passed away and some of the usual people that we enjoy, just can't come. But it's going to be fun. Some of the top dogs, of the group, will be there and some fresh faces that we will finally get to meet will be there. I'm almost excited enough to want to see Leah and her sister, what's her name.

Susie G. and so many others have worked to make this happen and by golly , it may be different, but, we're there to celebrate the greatest song writer of them all, Mickey Newbury and that's what we're goin' to do.

Just for fun, we could start a contest to see who screws up the most, me or Ernie. C. W. is an old pro, so he can't be in the contest.

I'm sure that if Ron Lyons is watching, he's going to make fun of every little thing that Big Ern and I botch.

Roy will be up there yelling " Someone tell LL to shut up because we don't have that many cds we can make."

Truth be known, I'm going to miss seeing Roy, in the back, franticly making circles with his fingers trying to get me to hurry up.

I will miss his face turning bright red and about to blow a fuse, when I look him in the eye and tell him that " George Bush is the greatest president this country ever had."

I'll bet Mickey would love seeing some of the new talent there and visiting with " Old Friends " that will be there also.

But for now, we'll just have to celebrate separately . But one day we'll all celebrate together again....... Surely, there will be Blue Bell in Heaven.

So let's have a good time now, while we can.

See ya in a few days,


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