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Author:  Marshall Earp
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Date:  6/11/2009 11:15:27 AM
Subject:  Happy Birthday Meeks (tomorrow)
Message:  Tomorrow, June 12th, is the special day for Meeks Booker, our Tombstone AZ deputy.

I know that "Ghost Hunters" has had recent airings of episodes dealing with the Birdcage Theatre and the O.K. Corral. Kept watching, expecting to see Meeks somewhere in the background a sportin' his 'peacemakers'.

Happy birthday, ol' buddy. With you (and 'the Councilman/vice-Mayor') around, our Southern border should be fairly secure.

The Sheriff is out of town, so he asked me, Wyatt, to look after things till he returns.

Oh, and his Posse sends their best wishes, too!

Marshall Earp

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