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Author:  Doug
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Date:  5/24/2009 10:11:51 AM
Subject:  Re: Quote of the Day - May 24
The word "genius" is one that has mutated
over time to where people tend to regard a
genius as someone with a gift or intelligence
that sets them apart, i.e. that a genius is
exceptional in a specific way but somewhat
dysfunctional in others, that a genius is to
be admired but not particularly emulated.
One of the original meanings of "genius" had to
do with having a guardian spirit that watches
over one's life, a guide... connected more
to conscience, being responsible to one's own
voice, finding and following one's calling...
qualities available to everyone. There's the
rub, that we've come to label certain people
as geniuses (turned the word to a fixed noun),
rather than look at genius as a quality, a
quality that each of us has the ability to
bring forward by the ways in which we live.   

Joe, I'd agree with the former (that Mickey
was a thinker), but I'm not as aligned with
the latter (that Mickey's work caused people
to think). It did, of course, but how much
would depend on the individual listener.
No doubt, Joe Z would agree that Mickey's
music causes us to think - so much so that
he's written (and is revising) a book on
the man's life and work. For myself, I would
say that Mickey's music leads me to feel
more than think. That's been my experience.
It's an interesting topic, and might help to
explain how such a diverse group could be
attracted to Mickey's songs. It's all good,
no matter what we think or feel, as long as
we're listening. Mickey's work has a way of
bringing our humanity forward.

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