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Author:  richard seinfeld
E-mail:  rasnyc20@aol.com
Date:  5/16/2009 9:12:29 AM
Subject:  Papa John/Mickey on the radio
Message:  I used to look here more often. I was at Americana convention when Mickey went into hall of honors (is that it). Got to see Mickey on a Nashville trip at Bells Cove in Hendersonville due to great timing. Met many of you guys including Mickey's mom.
1-PAPA JOHN - Ever since they did away with the vinyl record I have become technically challenged. So when I see that someone I don't know wants to add me as a
friend somewhere I just 'x' it out. So I received such an email that Papa John Meares wants to add my name to a 'My Life' site. I think I remember a Papa John from here. Is Papa John Meares from the porch?If he is from such a distinguished group I would be honored to be his friend. So I am asking.
2-MUSIC- I was born in 1950 (1975 if there are women here who would consider dating - ha-ha).
lmost for as long as I can remember Columbia University had excellent country music programs on their radio station - WKCR-FM (also on the web).In recent years they've been having an annual country music festival. Their country music
is part of an Americana department at that radio station which includes jazz. Jazz has always been treated in a scholarly manner. Country music may have been but often with artists far removed from who most would want to hear about. This year this station not only raised the bar for all but moved to a point where they can't turn back.
For example, they played every George Jones single ever released in order (backwards so you end up on the higher plateau). This took eleven hours of air-time. Also (by the way) they played about seven hours of nothing but Mickey Newbury on that Friday from 11AM to 6PM. I get off of work at 3:30PM but hung around because going home would have meant a subway ride on which i couldn't hear the radio. Someone should have copied this and sent it to Sony Publishing asking who has the publishing to these songs?
When they realize they do then maybe they'd try doing something with it.

 Papa John/Mickey on the radio by richard seinfeld  at 5/16/2009 9:12:29 AM
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