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Author:  Clyde Keene
E-mail:  keenecb@xmission.com
Date:  5/12/2009 2:53:27 PM
Subject:  Hi to the long time old gang.
Message:  Hi to all, it's been a long time for me to make a post. The weather here in Utah is warming up, we should have summer by July.

I have been readjusting to a daily routine. My wife of 59 years passed away on Jan. 09 09 of liver failure. She would have been 81 years young this Oct. seventeen.

I have my son and his wife close buy, their a great help, phyiscally and morally, but will never replace my wife, We met in Japan in 1949.

She loved Utah and America, our outlaws lived in San Francisco, that was her favorite city, we had many wonderful times there.

I thank all for allowing me to but in from time to time, I enjoy the entries and feed back.

I wish all a fun, happy and safe summer.

Mickey will always be my super star for his music.

 Hi to the long time old gang. by Clyde Keene  at 5/12/2009 2:53:27 PM
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