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Author:  Jackie
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Date:  4/23/2009 4:25:53 AM
Subject:  Message from Sam
Message:  Sam say to say hello and thank you all for your kind birthday wishes.

She was up in the glaciers for 5 days.....four young ladies hired a male mountain guide to take them up the mountains and spend time with them walking up to the summits with skis(with skins on them) and then skiing down in the virgin snow....oh,and of course 4 nights in a mountain hut and all the fun that goes with it.

She is now not too well and croaking like a toad(hardly surprising!) but tomorrow she is off with her boyfriend for a few days to the ice hockey world championship in Switzerland....only watching this time,lol.

And to think that 18 months ago she thought that the world had come to an end.
One can jump in the river a day too soon.

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