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Author:  Jonmark
E-mail:  not available
Date:  4/8/2009 4:50:18 PM
Subject:  Re: First Digital Download - Looks Like Rain
Hi Jack-
I have discovered that there is a file association problem with Vista. The native ZIP program is still there from XP, but you have to find it and associate it the very first time you use it.
Not your fault... Microsoft's. And it will be fixed in Win7.
Meantime, Winrar is a fine program.

A bit more on the burning process.
When using MP3's as the basis for a standard CD burning project, (once again I'm referring to the most common programs... Nero, itunes, Media Player, etc..) the burning program will automatically convert the MP3's to .wav format.
There's no need to convert them prior to the CD creation. The program takes care of that for you.
The resulting CD can then be played by the majority of stand alone units as they are no longer MP3's. They are hidden 16/44.1khz wav's represented by .cda index files.

Clear as mud? :)

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