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Author:  Karen
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Date:  2/24/2009 5:08:53 PM
Subject:  Re: G'day
Message:  Thankyou for your thoughts and prayers and kindness in welcoming my post! So far the firies are holding their own against nature and getting some control over the fires, although they are still burning and we are getting smoke even here, hundreds of kilometeres away.

Not sure how the playpusses are LL. I imagine just a bit warm under their little wee collars.

I heard your good news about your son, Meeks. Fantastic. As I have posted before, it is still my dream to return and you are marked down as a friend to share some grits with. I loved our time together in Perdido Key. I saw recently where there are some cheap fares on the horizon for the USA and my self got all excited!

My love to you Mamie. Look after yourself now ok? No cleaning the roof for example!!

Hi my mates Ginny, Lois and April and I truly hope we can meet up and have lots of laughs and hugs one day. Wouldn't that be fantastic! And all my other mates here.

Will try to post more often as I have lightened my workload a little this year. Too old!!!

Love to all you Dear Hearts,

Karen XXXX

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