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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  2/24/2009 8:47:51 AM
Subject:  Re: Gerry Howell
Message:  Hey as long as you're on here.... Thanks again for all you did a few years ago to help Elizabeth.

For those of you that don't know. A teachers assistant at my school had a car hit hers from behind and totaled it out. Of course, the other guy had no insurance. She was a single mother of a little 2nd grade girl. The ex husband was a druggie and she left for her daughters sake. She worked at my school and worked part time at other jobs and was going to school to try to become a teacher. Soooo without a car and no way to replace hers she was up a creek.

She was a very strong person but on this particular day she went home crying, only time I ever saw her lose it, wondering how she was going to get by without a car.

I posted about it on the board, here, and right back at me Randy Brown said he had a little truck, with, I think, 75000 miles on it and everything, including the air conditioning, worked. He said he was going to sell it for five or six thousand dollars to pay for the tax on his art studio but that if she needed it she could have it for free.

He said that it did need a new battery that cost $75. Then Jim M. ( Spell his last name Craig) popped right up and said that he would pay for the battery. Jim passed away a few months ago.

Next problem...... the truck was close to Amarillo Texas about 500+ miles from here, so how do we get it here? Well, Bud Wilhite ( sp? ) ( who also passed away around Christmas) said that he lived close to Randy so he would drive it down here, and he did. I think it was Dec. 21st. It was stick shift so Bud taught her how to drive it.

After the driving lesson we went to Mamies house and cooked hamburgers. Craig and his wife were there, Dave, who else?... Randy Dodds? Oh well.

Mamie had just gotten her pool table and we played pool and for the first time we met Cowboy . he brought his cd, that he had done, of just Mickey Newbury songs. We all loved it. Especially Mamie. She had the volume turned up and us to hush. A great day.

Next problem: How do we get Bud home? My rich neighbor to the south, Dave Franklin, bought the plane ticket for Bud to get home.

Just think about it..... Randy gives away a six thousand dollar truck, Jim, buys the battery, Bud drives it down here, we meet Cowboy for the first time, and Dave pays for Bud's air fare home.

What? A thousand dollars or more in money and time, just to help out someone they've never met before?

How did it all come about? God gave us all the music of Mickey Newbury and let the seed grow from there.

The best part. It didn't cost me " Jack"!

Thanks again Randy. You're one of the truly good guys.


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