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Author:  J Everett
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Date:  2/11/2004 5:31:19 AM
Subject:  Re: New to Newbury
Message:  Laura, I have marked the dates down in June, I will try my best to attend. I wouldnt feel right about accepting any CD's you might send me on the promise that I will be there however, as I will not be sure I can attend until closer to June. Cant say I wouldnt love to have some, though. I can assure you, when it is all said and done I will own all of Mr Newburys music I can get my hands on.

To all others, thank you for the warm welcome, and advice. I am truly moved by everyones kindness. For the record, I am not a songwriter or anything,( I wish I could write songs), just a guy from the midwest who loves music. I thought I had a pretty great music collection until I found out I had somehow overlooked an artist of Mr Newburys caliber.After hearing some of his songs it is almost embarrassing to admidt I have only recently started to listen to him. I would put the songs on "Nights When I Am Sane" up against anything else I have ever heard. Imagine my surprise, when upon reading I find out that many consider NWIAS one of his weaker recordings. I find that hard to imagine, but I sure cant wait to hear the rest of his stuff.

In closing, I have been having a great time reading the information on this site, as well as the posts to this forum. I will try and contribute when I feel I have something to offer, othertimes I will simply be "lurking", reading that of others.


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