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Author:  Karen
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Date:  2/20/2009 2:54:02 AM
Subject:  G'day
Message:  You may already be aware but we have had the most terrible bushfires in Victoria, Australia recently and so far over 200 people and over 2000 homes have been lost. It is unimaginable the terror and the horror of it all as there was little or no warning. I have personal experience as my own family was extremely lucky to survive bushfires in 1983, and we lost our home.

The good side is the way the Aussie community has rallied to help. So far $140,000,000 has been raised and there are lots more fundraisers in the offing. I now live in New South Wales in a farming community and our firefighters (who are all volunteers in Australia) have been down to help. Local farmers are organising to bring feed down for the stock that are left and are sending teams down to erect fences and so on. Our farmers are suffering after many years of drought but there is no hesitation is sharing what they have.

Summer is not over by a long shot so we can only hope and pray that we don't get any more of the extreme heat and winds that caused these fires.

My love to you all,

Karen XX

 G'day by Karen at 2/20/2009 2:54:02 AM
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