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Author:  Laura Shayne
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Date:  2/19/2009 2:28:02 PM
Subject:  Prayers...
Message:  Please keep the Voyce Family in your prayers. Erin Voyce was my best friend all through high school, and her dad, Bruce, lost his battle with cancer this week.

Between the family's beliefs about death and our life after, and the support from family and friends in our community, they are doing extremely well and are celebrating his life this coming Monday.

Despite their joy in his pain ending, I remember what those first few weeks were like, and Reggie - Bruce's wife - is trying to make all the arrangements by herself while their children fly in from other states.

So just keep them in your thoughts. Losing someone you love never feels the way you expect it to, even when you're prepared, and Erin was there for me through thick and thin after we lost dad.

Love from Oregon,

Laura Shayne

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