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Author:  Donna Barnes
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Date:  2/10/2004 6:16:53 PM
Subject:  Re: I am in shock!
Message:  Joe - When Mickey and Susie spent memorial week-end in Canyon, Texas at Randy B.'s place,(2002) I was sitting in the motor home with Mickey - hanging on every word, and memorizing every facial expression as he joyfully relived story after story about his "traveling" days. Sporadically, he would briefly burst into song to make his point!!! I have never laughed so much in my life as he "Painted pictures of the past in my head." Such a rare and precious time. I told Mickey that he needed to keep a hand held recorder close by, recite his stories, and produce an audio autobiography. I continued to say, "Mickey, Nobody can tell a story like you." He paused,...looked at me genuinely surprised and said, "REALLY!!!" Mickey - - So modest, so ingenious, so sincere....so little time. Joe, by writing this book, not only have you bestowed a great honor to Mickey's memory, but you have given myself, the porch, and the rest of the world another gift to hold onto and cherish. I will wait with great anticipation to receive your book. Thank you for your dedication, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Love and prayers, Donna        p.s. Did you get my e-mail??

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