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Author:  J Everett
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Date:  2/10/2004 5:16:46 PM
Subject:  New to Newbury
Message:  I must admidt, I missed out on Mickey Newbury. Having always been a fan of those like Townes Van Zandt, I somehow missed the boat when it came to Mr Newbury. Well a friend of mine loaned me a copy of " Nights When I Am Sane" that he got off of E-Music. Now while I realize that to many this is not one of his better recordings, those songs just floored me.I was trying to do some work on the computer as I listened to it, and found I had to stop and just listen. Wow. Amazing.

So what would some of you recommend as my next purchase of the late Mr Newbury ? I would love to get the 10 cd set, but that will have to wait a bit as my funds are rather low at the moment. So what should I buy ? I love the sad, slow songs on " Nights When I Am Sane".

One last note, this is a great site.Your link section is one of a kind.A Barefoot Jerry site ?? Who woulda thunk it.


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