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Author:  InterPol Joe
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Date:  2/5/2009 9:13:03 AM
Subject:  Re: Happy Birthday, Ina Meyers !!
Message:  With eggs Hollandaise on my face, I appologize. My 'rap' sheet had two dates for Ina, and I had crossed-off the REAL birthday. My bad.

I could blame it all on my ex-deputy Doody Howdie, (always got things messed around: APB's were BPA's, Rap Sheets were 'PAR'. Only thing he got right was the AKA's). But I won't.

Well, Ina, in case my office doors are closed nearer your REAL BIRTHDAY --- Febr. 22nd --- I do hope you have wonderful days from here till then, and of course, LONG LONG afterwards.

Your 'Sheriff' InterPol Joe

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