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Author:  AnotherMick
E-mail:  verbaud2@yahoo.com
Date:  2/3/2009 9:05:30 PM
Subject:  a perfect SF day
Message:  Today was a perfect SF day. I live at the top of a hill here in SF. I haven't been here on the porch for awhile. Good to be here. I spent the day listening to Mickey. Jaysus, yer missed, buddy boy!
This kiddo named Todd Snider has lately been singing his tunes to me. There is a point in most religions which recognize Kindness and Tenderness as the basis of God's Love. Between Mickey's recordings all day and listening to young Todd Snider, and tonight, Mickey again, and now Hazel Dickens, as a great smiley moon rises, my faltering faith in our humanity is strengthened.
There have been wars forever. There have been rough times in all lives. Music, and the songs of the heart have always pulled us through, all over the world.
Tonight, I find a comfort, sitting on a rickity crate in the corner of the porch, knowing people around me have heard what I have heard, have felt what I have felt, have sung the songs I have been singing all day, if not my whole life.
The human heart has always known pain and hurt. Sometomes just a song and a wink and a smile are all it takes. God bless the Mick and all his "kids" who carry on the songs and the love.
Walk in Peace. We have been blessed.

 a perfect SF day by AnotherMick  at 2/3/2009 9:05:30 PM
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