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Author:  Laura Shayne
E-mail:  newbury_legacy@hotmail.com
Date:  2/10/2004 9:45:41 AM
Subject:  Re: Newbury's Train Songs
Message:  Mickey's daughter here LT, and I'd be glad to answer your question! One particular train song? No. May train songs/references to trains/train sounds? Everywhere! *grin* My dad had a lyrical obsession with trains. But it started long before the lyrics... some of his fondest memories are of hoppin' trains to ride from city to city... one time he jumped from a train that he thought was moving a lot slower than it actually was, and later doctors told him that there was a very good chance he broke his back in the attempt -- leading to future back problems. But that didn't stop him... he still loved trains. On 'Harlequin Melodies' - my dad's first album - I believe it was (I could be wrong... I AM still learning haha) the quality of the recording was filled with humming, buzzing... all of th sounds you get when you record in a garage type setting. *grin* He used the rain and the sound of a train rolling down the tracks as a cover up for the bad quality, which also marked the start of a highly loved trade mark -- the constant sound between tracks that so many admire... his songs don't end. They melt together... a masterpiece. *grin* There are certain songs (i.e. Cortelia Clark, Freight Train Howlin') which speak specifically of trains, but for the most part it's a mixture of all those aspects that made Waylon throw the phrase "Newbury's train songs" into 'Luckenbach Texas'. Hope I answered your question (somewhere in the book I just wrote...haha) And may I suggest personally, that if you haven't heard any of my dad's work, that you visit our cd store, or find some means of hearing him... I dunno -- maybe I'm biased. *grin* But I bet if you ask any of the other people on this site, they'll agree... music will never sound the same to you.

My dad's biggest fan,
Laura Newbury

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