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Author:  Doug
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Date:  1/26/2009 12:11:03 AM
Subject:  Re: Quote of the day - January 25
The great man from Lebanon. The Prophet may be
Gibran's most popular book, but there are
other works that are as fine, especially when
he writes of his homeland. On one of the cds
in John Cash's posthumously-released box,
Unearthed, there's a conversational track
between Cash and Rick Rubin where John's voice
gets a tremor when he speaks of how beautiful
and moving Gibran's other work is. June gave
John a copy of The Prophet long before they
were married, I think. A little over a year
ago, the Khalil Gibran International Academy
opened in Brooklyn, New York, the first Arabic
language public school in the United States.
Gibran lived some of his life in New York.
Gibran, an Arab and a Christian, spoke of the
unity available to all, regardless of faith.
In one of his books, he wrote, "You are my
brother and I love you. I love you at prayer
in your mosque. At your devotions in your
church. At your worship in your synagogue.
For you and I are the sons of one religion,
the Spirit." That's a rare love that he is
speaking of, one the graveyards yearn for
so their ghosts can travel on.

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