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Author:  Texasroyce
E-mail:  not available
Date:  1/11/2009 4:34:59 PM
Subject:  Re: Wuz rong with dis hear porch
Message:  The whole page went blank out here. On the same day my TV and intenet provider sold out to Comcast and they started cutting wires and putting me off line without a warning. Then 5 minutes later a technician came and warned me to go off line and start over. Anyway, it was all my fault according to them because I was using my own modem instead of theirs. Now I am really ticked off as most of the channels I liked are no longer available under the same expanded basic. Gotta go find a different provider. Glad that the front page is available again.

 Wuz rong with dis hear porch by Rooster at 1/10/2009 5:25:59 PM
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 Re: Wuz rong with dis hear porch by Texasroyce at 1/11/2009 4:34:59 PM