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Author:  andrew p
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Date:  1/4/2009 11:08:10 AM
Subject:  a request & a prayer request
Message:  Susanna's brother-in-law (Gary Hampel, 60 yrs old ~Stephenville TX) suffered a massive heart attack on Jan 1...He is comatose, and has brain damage, and not much chance of getting any better...His wife, Bobbi (Susanna's younger sister) is with him at [b]Harris Methodist Hospital in Ft Worth Tx (downtown)[/b]...Bobbi is alone there...
if ANY of our porchers live close to the hospital, it would be absoultely wonderful if you could visit, call, or text Bobbi there, and bring her some comfort & company...She is spending the nights & days in Gary's room.
Gary is in room 116, 1st floor of the Cardiac Center, and not doing well at all...

And I would also like to make a prayer request for Gary & Bobbi and their two teenagers (Larissa & Michael)...
Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers...

[b]You can call Bobbi Hampel at 254-967-2767
or text her at 817-964-5101.[/b]
just tell her you are one of our friends from the Mickey Newbury porches.
If anyone else (not from Texas) would like to call her, that would be totally awesome.

andrew & susanna

 a request & a prayer request by andrew p at 1/4/2009 11:08:10 AM
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