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Author:  Craig
E-mail:  not available
Date:  1/4/2009 4:35:45 AM
Subject:  Re: Hi
You know something Landri,
There were times not too very long ago when I wish I had called Bud more. Many here do as well. After your dad called me last Sunday, I made a few phone calls to let others know. One of them said that they had started to call Bud on Christmas but got busy and didn't.

We all tend to have regrets, especially after someone passes away. We wish we had spoken them more often, loved them more, told them we loved them more.

Each and every phone call I had with Bud, we both ended it with "Love ya, pal." That is no lie. That is something shared by most of the people of here.

As far as regrets go we have a couple of choices. We can drag them around at the end of Marley's chain in Dickinson's "A Christmas Carol" or we can learn from them. Sometimes learning from them isn't enough and we still drag them around with us. Mickey Newbury wrote a song one time and he stated in it, "Shake that rusty chain and let it go." That is what we have to do sometimes.


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