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Author:  Ed Heffelfinger
E-mail:  austinpickers@yahoo.com
Date:  1/2/2009 2:50:47 AM
Subject:  Howdy from China!!!
Message:  Thanks for the birthday greetings folks. Had a great celebration last week for my 56th year on Earth. Yep...still doing my thing here in Zhengzhou, China. Going to sign yet another contract next week to stay another year. I'm loving teaching these Chinese youngin's American Culture and Business. With all the bad news back home, I'm just happy as heck to have a great gig.
I'm helping to start a radio station here on campus next term. I'll be playing tunes and using the radio waves to help the students with their English. I started out in radio a long long time ago so it'll be cool to get back to my roots. I'll be working it three or four nights a week and supplying all the music (he he). The kids here absolutely LOVE American music. I'm really looking forward to this experiment in entertainment. This place is a constant adventure and they pay me well to play. How cool is that?
It's been awhile since I've checked out the porch. Lots of bad news with the good...Lord, that's the way of the world now isn't it? I lost my oldest son, Kevin two weeks before Thanksgiving. Still trying to get a grip on that one. But my two other sons are doing awsome. My 19 year old, Chris is going to a university here in China and excelling. My little guy, Bobby will be two January 18th and keeps me young. Gotta keep taking the sweet with the sour (no pun intended). Guess that's the story of life.
I was in Tibet last Summer and will return in a couple of weeks or so. Visited Shangra-La and it is truly that. My Winter break starts January 9 and I will go down for 20 days or so for a much needed battery recharge.
So anyhow...that's the update from the land down under. China's still the most incredible adventure of my lifetime and getting better all the time. Hey, it's a great gig and beats working at Wal Mart!!!
Ya'all take care,
Ed H.

 Howdy from China!!! by Ed Heffelfinger  at 1/2/2009 2:50:47 AM
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