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Author:  Karen
E-mail:  karen_bull@telstra.com
Date:  1/1/2009 3:27:39 AM
Subject:  Goodbye Bud
Message:  At last I have a chance to sit a while on the porch, catch up and pass on my belated Christmas wishes to y'all. But what do I find? An empty rocker. Dear, dear Bud, a particular mate of mine, has passed away. I am deeply saddened. Bud was a genuine and funny and loving human being, one I hoped I might even get to meet in person one day... I guess I will but not as I had hoped, at a Gathering.

I am facing facts; the cost is just prohibitive so I won't be making it to another Gathering. Being at the first will just have to last my lifetime, but it was THAT wonderful and THAT special it can easily do so. What is so sad to me is that there are so many porchers I haven't met in person and so many lovely people I did meet that I wanted so much to spend time with again. Sometimes... it would be really good to be filthy rich.

To ALL of Bud's loved ones, including his dear grand-daughter, my deepest sympathy. I loved Bud so dearly. We all did.

I will come back to post again. Right now I just need some time with Mickey's music and some thoughts of Bud.

Love to all you Dear Hearts,


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