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Author:  erik "the Dane"
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Date:  12/30/2008 6:00:22 AM
Subject:  Re: It's just not the same
Message:  Thanks to Craig for the kind words
My love to Janet too!

And a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my Front and Back Porch family!

I am NOT a poet, but have no words to ad to what Craig wrote.

MEMORIES I have - and my BIG DREAM to bring JIMMY WEBB, Newbury members, Laura & Chris and Jonmark maybe (hopefully) year 2009 to play Denmark!


erik "the Dane"

One the best song I ever have listning to

Time Flies

Writer Jimmy Webb

Recorded by JIMMY WEBB and first on record was in start of the 1990´ties by late girlsinger Rosemary Clooney in family with "that" George!

Life begins and spirits rise,
and they become memories that vaporize,
and the vapor becomes the dreams we devise,
and while we are dreaming,
time flies.

Night turns to dawn
and dreams to sighs,
and sighs change to sweet love
that never dies,
and love becomes laughter and lullabies,
and while we are dreaming,
time flies.

While we are dreaming,
we meet and exchange conversations routinely,
and nothing seems strange.
But when we awake
there’s a sense of unease
that another night’s gone
just as quick as you please.

Night turns to dawn
and then to bright skies,
and bright skies to picnics
on warm Julys,
to deep umber autumns
and winter goodbyes,
and while we are dreaming,
time flies.

My dear friend Suzy told me some week ago about

Jimmy Webb`s

I worked at a Life Insurance company across the street from MacArthur Park (Los Angeles) and we used to go to lunch there.
I had a yellow cotton dress, there were always old men playing checkers by the trees, the birds would sit in my hand.

Almost like I was there, "the yellow cotton dress" is there in the song with Richard Harris + more is mention - ERIK!

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