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Author:  Doug
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Date:  12/29/2008 11:40:34 PM
Subject:  Re: It's just not the same
Those absences - gone with them a kind of
honest iron of thought and feeling substituted
for, too often, with homilies - make it
harder to hear the wind chimes. One must be
wary of those who would reduce the absent
to a comfortable shape, for their power to
inspire us is lost that way. For me, they are
like pewter, expanding as it cools.

When I read the Tom Russell piece today
(see "TR On Mickey" on the back porch),
I said to myself, "He gets it." Meaning he
reads the subtle news both in and behind the
songs, understands the man as functional,
a friend in the dark. No swoon, just plain
appreciation, food for the road ahead. A
kind of honour in that.

Thanks for your words, Craig.

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