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Author:  Craig
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Date:  12/29/2008 11:10:42 PM
Subject:  It's just not the same
You know...
It's just not the same anymore.
Mickey's gone, Jim's gone, Roy's gone, Bud's gone.
It's just not the same anymore.
I miss Eve's "Good Morning Porch" and her "Good Night Porch". We still need it. More than the quote of the day.
I miss Bud's, "You just gotta kill it!" post.
I miss JimM's "it's not all the good deeds you have done that they remember, it's that one goat..."

I miss Laura and Leah's shining faces...

Jackie...and Sam. I love you both...dearly. Truly. Our Austrian contigent. Erik. The next time I see you won't be soon enough.

Egbert. What else can I say.
Cowboy and Amanda. Love you both.


Pete Holmes left me with someone that I truly loved. One that I could relate to. His sense of humor (sorry, humour for those abroad). Pete was one of a kind. I cherish the memories deeply. The Louisiana rain in Vermillionville...the short ride from Alabama to Florida, from the Florabama to the Silver Moon Cafe parking lot, across the street. I miss Papajohn and Memasue in the Silver Moon Cafe trying to separate JimM and I...Sue caved in and joined us to Papajohn's chagrin.


 It's just not the same by Craig at 12/29/2008 11:10:42 PM
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