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Author:  erik "the Dane"
E-mail:  not available
Date:  12/18/2008 1:22:30 PM
Subject:  Is Laura Shayne also ready for Denmark!
Message:  Brother Chris and Jonmark are!

So far I can tell - have copy some few e-mails I can show here.

One of the last e-mails send to ROBIN SIEGEL at Jimmy Webb`s Office in NYC

"We" have ask Robin some days ago

"We" are for the moment "head of danish songwriters" my dear music-friend Mister PEDERSEN (around my age), who many years ago "hit the US Billboard hit list" with his duo group call LABAN.
In this group funny enough, was a great girl singer with name Lecia, who with her sister sung with my dear old music-friend Tommy P. around around 1963-64.
Tommy I have known since 1967.


Dear Robin!

I have been investigating as best I can the market and the interest for my favorite songwriter of all time in my home country.

The knowledge of Jimmy Webb and his songs in this small country has not been cultivated to an extent or enough so that he could fill a 2000 seat theater.

A performance for dedicated fans in a 200 - 400 seat surrounding would be more realistic.

I am working to interest Danish National Radio in Copenhagen in presenting Jimmy Webb in a sort of partnership in their newly built concert house.

The new concert house has four studios / concert halls in different sizes.

Danish National Radio would – if I succeed in persuading them to “go in” - probably go in with the location and the technical end.

Perhaps a recording for later broadcast, but without investing further.

The ticket price would be somewhere between 60 to 80 dollars.

I am still reseraching and discussing this with players in the field.

As it is the first time I engage in such an event and am keen not to make any major blunders, I am seeking advice from people who work with this on a daily basis.

You will hear from me from time to time as I get a better grip on this project.


Last REPLY BACK to me from Robin, 12th December

Erik, you're great! I agree with you - a smaller, more intimate venue would be better. Let me know if you have more questions; meanwhile, I wish you a good weekend as well!


Erik ad this for The Front Porch people

If any trouble with this above project I always can find a plan B.

And as told before Jimmy Webb`s wife first name is also LAURA and she works for PBS.


erik "the Dane"

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