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Author:  Doug
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Date:  12/3/2008 8:13:17 AM
Subject:  Re: Odetta
I had the pleasure of riding in a small van
late one night with Odetta, Johnny Shines,
and the women of Sweet Honey In The Rock.
Odetta started singing spirituals and we all
joined in. I took the bass part. Odetta was
sitting right behind me and patted me on
the back a few times to signal her approval.
This Train, This Little Light Of Mine, Down
By The Riverside... I wish I could remember
them all. The destination was twenty minutes
away, but the driver must have taken the long
way home to the hotel because we sang for
most of an hour. Odetta was sharing the joy
and the sorrow that night. A warm soul. I am
so glad to have met her. There won't be any
quite like her again.

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