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Author:  Woody Pegsweller
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Date:  11/30/2008 8:49:28 PM
Subject:  The Councilman ages !!!
Message:  This is Woody. The Sheriff is off gettin' drunk.

Ernie Bunch, whom we all know is a 'councilman' of Queen Creek or Cave Creek ... (one of them 'creeks' east of Phoenix. This time of night, I can't 'member which) is celebratin' another one of them BIRTHDAYS. Dec. 1st.

Ernie is a long established tumble-weed or dust-devel doggies that we know about here in the Arid-Zona desert. He is also a great Forrest Gump (and East Indian) interpreter. Takes lots of pikshurs.

And most importantly ... a great and true friend of the Sheriff.

Happy Birthday, Ernie. Go ahead and burn all them cactus ... on me!!!

Woody and the Misfits.

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