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Author:  Ginny G. for Mamie
E-mail:  ggnadt@execpc.com
Date:  2/5/2004 10:12:39 AM
Subject:  Awesome news from Mary Anne Potter
Message:  Well, this is the greatest update I've ever seen! Here's the latest note from Mary Anne:

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Dearest Friends and Family,

Please excuse the song, but it was the snappiest and happiest one I could find in my stationery file...

Dr. Ogundipe called today and said that NO CANCER was found in the bone marrow!!! You may recall that Don had that terribly painful bone marrow test last Friday and the pathology report came back that there is NO cancer in his bone marrow. It was there last December, but as of Feb. 4th, it is gone, gone, gone. Now that's something to shout about!!!!

Last July, we were told he had Stage 4 cancer and it was also present in his bone marrow. Now, it is gone from his bone marrow and there is only one area near his kidney's that the doctors are unsure about...they think it's scar tissue, but they are not sure. So, we will watch and wait and every 3 or 4 months, unless something else develops, Don will undergo a Cat Scan and Pet Scan to determine if that area is cancerous or if it's just scar tissue.

Again, thank you for all your prayers, emails, food, good wishes, cards, many, many acts of kindness shown to us, letters, and more. We could NOT have traveled this journey without you.... Because of your faithfulness, Don was able to withstand the most aggressive chemotherapy and still continue to work except for the week when he had pneumonia.    

Why it seems like it was just last week that we were in Omaha thinking we would be there for weeks on end because this was the LAST RESORT..... And last December right before Don had his last chemotherapy session, we were told that he was in a "life-threatening" situation. We emailed you and asked you to pray as if there were no tomorrow and you did.... I credit this great news on four things: God's mercy, your faithful prayers and good wishes, Don's great doctor and the medicine he gave Don and Don's never-ending faith and hope.

We were told that the cancer may return, but for now it's probably all gone. So, for now, let's just all celebrate!!! Miracles don't happen every day!!! :-)

God is so faithful; our family can attest to that...if we could we'd shout it from the rooftop, but with 7 inches of snow outside...we'd better just stick to shouting it via the computer. Besides, with my luck, I'd fall and end up in the emergency ward...I've already fallen 3 times this week. Again, thank you and God bless you!

Mary Anne

PS We'll keep you updated from time to time....

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